About Me

Hi, my name is Sue Compart, and I LOVE animals! More importantly, I am great with animals. That isn’t bragging; you should know that when you hire CCPTS you are getting a lifetime of skills, and knowledge. I have abilities that most transporters don’t. I have extensive experience with many animals, including receiving an AAS degree in Horse Science.

I am an experienced animal handler, of all types. I have worked with: cats, dogs, donkeys, goats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, and small rodents. I also have experience with birds and reptiles. In addition, I have worked at Pet Rescues and Shelters for 25 years. At the last shelter, I was the head trainer/rehabber.

As your partner, I will deliver your pet happy and safe. I am certified by the USDA, and follow all national laws for transporting pets.

My priorities when transporting (in order) are:

  1. Safety

  2. Pet Care & Comfort.

  3. Pet Happiness and ease of traveling.

  4. Getting from pickup to delivery as rapidly as feasible.

  5. Making a small profit.

In addition to over 2 years with Citizenshipper, I have done numerous transports through word-of-mouth, and through clients finding we elsewhere. I have transported over 150 pets (traveling 90,000 miles) safely to their new homes.

Please check out my feedback and my profile HERE to get a better picture of me and my methods.